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Asian Flush attack with classic Asian Flush symptoms of red shoulders, arms, face, and neck
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attack with classic Asian Flush symptoms of
red shoulders, arms, face, and neck

Asian Flush, also referred to as Asian Glow and Asian Blush, is a condition in which the sufferer experiences an allegic reaction shortly after the consumption of alcohol. The Asian Flush syndrome is most common among individuals of Asian decent which is why this condition is referred to as Asian Flush. Approximately 50% of Asians suffer from the Asian Flush Symptoms. Asian Flush is also experience by non Asians but a much smaller percentage of between 5% - 10%.

Asian Flush Symptoms

Asian Flush symptoms vary widely from sufferer to sufferer. What makes Asian Flush syndrome even more confusing and more difficult for the lay person to diagnose or detect is the fact that Asian Flush symptoms are not always experienced every single time the user consumes alcohol. For example when I use to suffer from Asian Flush syndrome I experience symptoms approximately once out of every four or five times I would drink alcohol. Although my Asian Flush symptoms were always the same each time I had no way of predicting when I would experience the symptoms. Most common Asian flush symptoms... [ read Asian Flush Symptoms ] [ back to Asian Flush contents ]

Cause of Asian Flush

In MOST cases Asian Flush and its symptoms is caused by in inactive enzyme - Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. Alcohol is a toxin to the human body. Immediately after consuming alcoholic beverages the body begins digesting and processing the alcohol to remove it from our bodies. This digestive process causes a byproduct to be produced called Acetaldehyde ( C2H4O ) which is actually more toxic than the alcohol. In response to this most peoples bodies produce Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme which removes the Acetaldehyde. When humans consume alcohol in quantities and/or speed that supersedes the bodies ability to process and remove Acetaldehyde a negative reaction to alcohol begins. The buildup of Acetaldehyde is one of the major causes or components of a hangover the next day. For people suffering with Asian Glow ... [ read Asian Flush Cause ] [ back to Asian Flush contents ]

Asian Flush Cure

There are treatments or cures for Asian Flush. The most common and widely used Asian Flush cure is the highly popularized No Red Face Formula which is not a prescription for Asian Glow syndrome or symptoms but a home remedy created by a former Asian Flush sufferer Jeremy Hawking. The No Red Face formula reports an astounding 100% success rate. The No Red Face Formula Asian Flush treatment is comprised of ingredients which may be purchased at any health food stores. At present there is only one prescription medication which may possibly be prescribed for treating Asian Flush symptoms in the future.  ... [ read Asian Flush Cure ] [ back to Asian Flush contents ]

Asian Flush and Cancer

For regular consumers of alcohol suffering with Asian Flush syndrome there appears to be strong evidence to suggest significantly increased risk of cancer if the Asian Flush sufferer continues to consume alcohol with regularity without using a Asian Flush cure. This is because the cause of Asian Flush, increased levels of Acetaldehyde, is toxic and a carcinogen. Since the Asian Flush sufferer has higher levels of Acetaldehyde in their body for longer periods of time than non sufferers of Asian Flush ... [ read Asian Flush and Cancer ] [ back to Asian Flush contents ]

Using Pepcid AC or Ranitidine for Asian Flush

There is evidence to suggest the use of antacids Pepcid AC or Ranitidine (Zantac) prior to consuming alcoholic beverages can help ease the Asian Flush symptoms. In fact use of Pepcid AC is a small part of the No Red Face Formula home remedy Asian Flush treatment program however antacids alone only produce minor, inconsistent, relief of Asian Flush syndrome. In addition use of Pepcid AC or Ranitidine alone to treat Asian Flush has a tendency to significantly increase blood alcohol levels which could ... [ read Asian Flush Pepcid AC ] [ back to Asian Flush contents ]

Asian Flush Syndrome

Asian Flush Syndrome is specific disorder or disease whose symptoms occur shortly after consuming alcohol in persons suffering from the Asian Flush Syndrome. The Asian Flush Syndrome is characterized by allergic like symptoms including the most common symptom of red face. Although red face is the most common and most widely recognized Asian Flush Syndrom symptom ... [ read Asian Flush Syndrome ] [ back to Asian Flush contents ]

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